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DataEase 8.5 BETA1 - Create() ad-hoc table creation implemented (Ver.

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DataEase 8.5 BETA1 - Create() ad-hoc table creation implemented (Ver.

We keep braking down the boundaries in DataEase and the latest is the addition of the function Create().

This is a runtime function to create a table based on the structure of another table. The first implementation is limited to creating the table and copying the relationships so you will get a fully working table.

Version 1 will not copy Forms, nor will it copy data. 

With the performance improvements in 8.5 in general, the need for this function might be smaller than previously but it will still be very useful.

1. You can use it to create a temporary table pr. user, workstation etc.
2. You can create an ad-hoc table for manipulation, sorting etc.
3. You can create a backup of data inside the application.

Since the table is created in runtime, you will initially only be able to use it form ExecDQL as all other Forms/Reports/Procedures in DFW is designer generated and can only access things allocated in Design Time.

However, this will radically change with the new technologies in DataEase like DE Reporter, WebEasy etc.



Create("MyTable","Delete") -- will delete the table MyTable.
Create("Customers130215","Copy","Customers") -- will create a empty copy of Customers with relationships, you can then populate the table with a execdql query:

for Customers with something...;
enter a record in Customers130215 
copy all from Customers .

The function will be expanded with a possibility to copy Documents like reports/forms for ad-hoc use and the opportunity to populate it directly by adding a filter for the original table.

We are also looking into a create function where the table can be created from a script, but this is still under review.

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