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Download DataEase RC1.1

Update: GET() changed name to DEOS() and update to looks, bug fixing. 

We apologise for getting slightly out of sync with the samples and the Version you need to enjoy them.

We discovered late last night that there was some problems with the Release Candidate and needed to delay the release 24 hours.

The product you can download today is basically the "finished" product (more or less) of the Slipstream version of 8.5 we plan to release later this month.

There is a lot of changes from the Beta 6 as you will see, and also a lot of new functionality (you can read about most of it on the blog).

A lot of the features like Remote(), Get() and WebBridge is so "revolutionary" and "big" that we haven't completely gotten on top of it ourselves.

We need to properly document and work through them to build samples and tutorials before we can even hope that you guys will get any benefit from them, but they are there and they are powerful.

The latest addition was actually today...and that is ExecDerivation() - You can read and download a sample here  on the blog.

We are sorry that the documentation of all the new features just since the last Beta is not in place yet, but we still want to release this version just to get you guys testing it on existing functionalities.

This is also the first version that will automatically MIGRATE (and open/browse) all DataEase applications from DFD 5.x to 8.5!

Have a go.

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Can this be used to trigger an import function every day at the same time without user action?
Written by Edward Gordley 07/12/15 at 19:58:40 Dataease [{8}]FIVE