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LegEasy4DOS - format of Install files (INSTALL.DIN) in 4.x

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LegEasy4DOS - format of Install files (INSTALL.DIN) in 4.x


install form FORMNAME from: FORMNAME.dba ;
ex : install form CUSTOMERS from: custaaab.dba ;

Now the form/table is installed so the next bit is data.

New Table:

Install form FORMNAME data: FORMNAME.dbm ;
ex. install form CUSTOMERS data: custaaab.dbm ;

These too go together when you install a new form.

If you re replacing and EXISTING form then the format is:

replace form FORMNAME from: FORMNAME.dba ;
ex. replace form CUSTOMERS from: custaaac.dba ;

the existing data will be reorganised and everything will be honkey dorey.


The process for installing/replacing DQL and Reports are the same.

Install procedure PROCEDURENAME from: PROCEDURE.dbr ;
install report REPORTNAME from REPORT.dbr ;

if you want to replace a form/procedure the format is

replace procedure PROCEDURENAME from: PROCEDURE.dbr ;

replace report REPORTNAME from REPORT.dbr ;


We have shown above how you replace a .DBM file but maybe you just want to add data ex. to Relationships or to another support table etc.

You define an import definition (.dbi) inn the donor app, export the data to a file that match the .dbi and then simply include the command

import from IMPORT.dbi ;

import from NewRel.dbi ;

a typical INSTALL.DIN file could look like this.

install form CUSTOMERS from: custaaab.dba ;
install form CUSTOMERS data: custaaab.dbm ;
replace form USERS from useraaac.dba;
Install procedure LISTUSER from: listaaaa.dbr ;
install report ACCOUNTS from accoaaab.dbr 
replace procedure NEWUSERS from newuaaa.dbr ;
import from Newrel.dbi ;

Make sure the install.din and the files you want to install is in the same directory (all of them).

Then you open 4.53 and from the Main Menu it is 


Then you type in the full path to your DIN file and off you go.

NB! Obviously take a backup first!!!!

PS! If you have problem with finding the correct file names simply list out the Application Status for the different objects.

From Main Menu.

SKILLER: Fortsett prosedyre   UT: Avbryt prosedyre  PgUp: Tilbake<p>Antall prosedyrer/rapporter: 154
--- -------------------- ---------------  ---------------
  1. FAKTURERING          B:FAKTDAAA.DBR             1093
  2. FAKTURA_OPPD_STAT    B:FAKTDAAB.DBR            16575
  3. FAKTURA_SISTE_NR     B:FAKTDAAC.DBR              738
  4. ORDREBEKREFTELSE     B:ORDRDAAA.DBR             5855
  5. HVOR_ER_DU_FREMOVER  B:HVORDAAA.DBR             2114
     Data-entry skjema    B:HVORDAAA.DBF             2247
  6. KUNDELISTE           B:KUNDDAAA.DBR             2533
     Data-entry skjema    B:KUNDDAAA.DBF             2105
  7. SALGS_STAT           B:SALGDAAA.DBR             4837
     Data-entry skjema    B:SALGDAAA.DBF             2506
  8. OBS-KUNDER           B:OBSKDAAA.DBR             2392
     Data-entry skjema    B:OBSKDAAA.DBF             2133
  9. KUNDEETIKETTER       B:KUNDDAAB.DBR             1488
     Data-entry skjema    B:KUNDDAAB.DBF             2134
     Data-entry skjema    B:SLIPDAAA.DBF             1407
 11. KUNDELISTE_ALLE      B:KUNDDAAC.DBR             2119
     Data-entry skjema    B:KUNDDAAC.DBF             1969
ESCUT    Sh-F9SKRIV B:\                   NoOffice            10/08/16  14:35:48

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