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GetCurrent( )

Started by Gregor Popp
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GetCurrent( )

Is there a list somewhere of all the values that can go with this

Written by Gregor Popp 28/08/14 at 06:18:53 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:GetCurrent( )

Dear Mr. Popp of course there is.


This will return the full path to the current application.


This will return the full path to the current DataEase 8.


This will retunr the full path to the root of the users My Documents structure.


This will return the current Row in a Subform or in a MultiForm. It will always report the same number for the same row.


This will return the current Record number in current Multiview. DataEase do not do absolute record numbers, but the position in current cursor called Multiview in DataEase terminlogy. If you have done a search that gave 100 returns the last row will report 100 and the first 1.


This will return the height (available space in window for form i.e. inside hight) of the active window.


This will return the width (available space in window for form i.e. inside width) of the active window.

I guess this is also a good occasion to point out that every change and addition to this product is published in the following order:

1. We write about it on the blog.
2. If it is a major "change" or policy change/update/addition we write an article about it.
3. We write/update the help article on the feature.
4. We make a sample application and publish it on the blog/help article etc.

We know that over the years DataEase websites has been notoriously "un-updated" but we can assure you that is no longer the case and hasn't been for quite some time, but we don't blame users for not trying when the evidence for so long has been that information is not that readily available.

But since 2012 the best place to look for information about features and development on DataEase has been and it will remain like this for the duration.

We simply don't have the resources to answer every email or request, so the way we reach the most people with information is via the website.

We have also included a mini version of it in the Catalogue Help in DE8 but a lot of our users switched this feature off in 7.0 s it was really annoying and never switched it back on and hence loosing out on important updates, tips and tricks.

Written by DataEase Tech Sup 28/08/14 at 09:27:51 Dataease [{8}]FIVE