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DQL - Setcurrent & Setstate

Started by afonso santos
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DQL - Setcurrent & Setstate

Dear all

Can we use a "manip" field with the set of instructions as follows :

setstate ("manip", 0 )+ SetCurrent("WindowBorder","NoEdge")+SetCurrent("WindowClass","Modal")+ SetCurrent("WindowPos","10","80"),

in a body of a DQL procedure, in order to "print" the report in the display ?

In fact, I tried but I can't get a modal window! The size and position is working but the instructions "setstate ("manip", 0 )+ SetCurrent("WindowBorder","NoEdge")+SetCurrent("WindowClass","Modal")" , not really.



Written by afonso santos 13/06/16 at 22:44:45 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:DQL - Setcurrent

Hi Afonso.

You can't do it in body as the Body on the "old style DQL" is not properly part of the GUI system.

However we did a test and you can do it from inside the DQL.

Define "retval" text .
retval := SetCurrent("WindowBorder","NoEdge")+SetCurrent("WindowClass","Modal")+ SetCurrent("WindowPos","10","80") .

Be careful though because if you set a window to be modal you can't do anything in the rest of the app until you close it etc.

So make sure you have an exit or you will have to kill DataEase (we had too ;-).


Written by DataEase 14/06/16 at 20:05:40 Dataease [{8}]FIVE