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Started by Godfrey
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why is it that the statement below doesnt work on dataease player, especially NoEdge and Modal. It works only on the Developer.

setstate ("manip", 0 )+ SetCurrent("WindowBorder","NoEdge")+SetCurrent("WindowClass","Modal")+ SetCurrent("WindowPos","10","80")

Written by Godfrey 26/01/17 at 12:52:01 Dataease [{8}]FIVE


Download Sample

We just tested this in and it seems to work excellent ;-)

The problem might be that the manip field is not triggered because it is off screen or something.

If the problem persist can you create a small sample where the functionality work in Developer but not in Player.

If you look closer on our sample the Player itself is also border and caption less etc.

This is because we have configured our player to start up in FullScreen mode (you can also configure it to run in kiosk mode which means it will be the OS on the device).

If you want to configure your player to run in kioskmode simply set the following setting in your DataEase.ini



Written by DataEase 27/01/17 at 15:13:25 Dataease [{8}]FIVE