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Unknown field LineNumber in $DeStat_DQLInfo$

Started by Marco Marchesi
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Unknown field LineNumber in $DeStat_DQLInfo$

Download: field.jpg

Hi DataEase, when i start Application/Status/DQL  I receive the following message :

Unknown field LineNumber in $DeStat_DQLInfo$

There's no way to adjust the problem by myself. It refers to a system table.

Could you please solve it ?

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Written by Marco Marchesi 12/04/18 at 08:34:50 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Unknown field LineNumber in $DeStat_DQLInfo$

Sorry about this.

it is due to a massive change in Status Reports originally scheduled for 8.6 that was partially included in 8.5 last.

We are not going to release a new build for this as this feature is not widely used but if you have the problem just replace the following file in the DataEase 8.5 program catalog with the attached file.


Downlaod dql_info.frm

Written by DataEase 13/04/18 at 15:49:12 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Re:Unknown field LineNumber in $DeStat_DQLInfo$

Download: DQL.jpg

Thanks. But How can I do to substitute the FRM provided?. It must replace a file like "DESTxxxx.FRM" but it doesn't exist! See the figure attached. I understand that all systems file doesn't have an FRM file.

Written by Marco Marchesi 20/04/18 at 09:00:10 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Re:Re:Unknown field LineNumber in $DeStat_DQLInfo$

NO System file has a corresponding FRM in your application.

The system files has a corresponding FRM in the program catalogue.

Typically C:\Program Files (x86)\DataEase\DataEase 8.5

Written by DataEase 20/04/18 at 10:31:13 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Re:Re:Re:Unknown field LineNumber in $DeStat_DQLInfo$

Thanks. But how can  I correct the program catalogue? I simply copy and paste the file in the directory but nothing happened. Please let me know precise istructions.

Written by Marco Marchesi 20/04/18 at 11:04:56 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Unknown field LineNumber in $DeStat_DQLInfo$

When you restart DataEase after replacing the same file in the DATAEASE program catalogue the problem will be fixed.

Written by DataEase 24/04/18 at 13:28:20 Dataease [{8}]FIVE