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DataEase files are automatically encrypted?

Started by SB
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DataEase files are automatically encrypted?

I have been a user of DataEase software sinceevenbefore the advent of Windows. For the last few years I have been using LegEasy 6.53. A new law in the UK requires special attention to privacy, and any files containing personal details need to be encrypted.

Could you please tell me if my DataEase files are automatically encrypted. If they are, could you please tell me the name of the algorithm used, as this information is required by persons whose data I hold.

Thank you.

Written by SB 13/06/18 at 22:37:32 DataEase 6.x

Re: DataEase files are automatically encrypted?

LegEasy 6.53 and no other DataEase version will automatically encrypt the data but it is an option you can chose for any tables you like.

You switch it on, on the Document Menu in Design Mode.

The algorithm is a DataEase proprietary algorithm and we for obvious reasons can't divulge how it works.

GDPR has no specific requirement when it comes to encryption other than pointing out that it is a useful way of increasing security on your data.

We hope this helps.

Written by DataEase 13/06/18 at 22:44:30 DataEase 6.x