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LegEasy4DOS - SQRT function not working

Started by Jeyarajah Arulrajah
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LegEasy4DOS - SQRT function not working

Just a simple try like this in LegEasy4DOS 4.53

message sqrt(100) window .

This is causing domain error............. How can I fix this?
Tried the exact same function in DFD4.53 on a Windows XP computer, it works fine.

Written by Jeyarajah Arulrajah 26/06/18 at 18:39:50 LegEasy 4DOS

Re:LegEasy4DOS - SQRT function not working

Download: Leg Easy problem.jpg

I have my main machine on which I have LegEasy4 Professional. I have 1 add user and that is on the  intake desk,  Various people ( Myself, our receptionist and my son who use that computer, only one at a time. Each has a separate opening screen in windows with various programs that they each use. My application sits on my server's N:  I made a shortcut for each of the of their opening screens and then it tells me that I have too many users.  In my DA app each has a separate user name and password to use the application with various permissions.

How can I correctly solve the problem

See message in picture below:

Written by Bill Gunther 29/06/18 at 21:22:08 LegEasy 4DOS

DataEase Licensing/users

The licensing of DataEase is not for consecutive users. That only applied up to DataEase for Windows 5.x

From DataEase 6.x onwards it is for device or on multiple use machines (like Terminal Services servers etc.) it is pro activated user profile.

The same apply for shared PCs where users access the software through a dedicated user profile pro person.

So the "work around" here is to access DataEase through a shared windows user. They can still log into DataEase with their own user profile as this is not linked to Windows.

From DE9/LDII onward the authentication in DataEase will change and you will sign on to DataEase once on each device and each user will be able to use DataEase at any devices for the number of devices associated to their profile.

Written by DataEase 02/07/18 at 12:49:29 LegEasy 4DOS