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USB Printer and Network printer

Started by Manjula Perera
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USB Printer and Network printer

Hi,Currently I'm using USB Printer and some printer through network.System only responds only for LPT (parallel port).Any solution????


Manjula Perera

Written by Manjula Perera 13/07/18 at 09:27:09 DataEase for Windows 5.x and before...

Re:USB Printer and Network printer

There are several ways to do this and I'm sure we wrote an article about it back in the day. Couldn't find it now but it is quite straight forward.

1. if you have a network you can use NET USE to redirect your printer to a USB printer (share it).
2. You can download one of many programs that spool your print job and forward it to any printer you want ex. dosprint.exe printfil.exe etc. Just google for it.

We got an increasing number of these requests and particularly request about running DFD under WIndows x64 which in the end led us to develop LegEasy4DOS which allow you to run DFD on any modern computer.

LegEasy4DOS deal with everything from daylight saving, x64 emulation, printer handling, networking on modern networks etc.

You can have a free trial here.

Written by DataEase 13/07/18 at 11:00:23 DataEase for Windows 5.x and before...