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Started by Handles
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Printing Question DataEase 6.5

We have been running dataease now for many years and have decided to try and overcome a problem that

Is quite frustrating.

All our printing works perfect sending all data to FinePrint, when sending the data to FinePrint it is given a name

from DataEase this name is the name of the Procedure you are calling up, does any one know if this name could be

a (GetGlobal) option.

Name of Procedure “QPrintbolkUP” :

Name given to file sent to FinePrint is the “QPrintbolkUP” :

I would like to be able to give the name sent to FinePrint a Global Number say “05185K” this is present at time of running the procedure via a (GetGlobal)

Any Ideas ?



Written by Handles 09/08/18 at 12:57:15 DataEase 6.x


Hi Raymond,

Best way to handle this. Save the file via Fineprint first with the procedure name.

Then rename it as part of a control procedure.


Written by Jeyarajah Arulrajah 09/08/18 at 15:13:38 DataEase 6.x


Thanks Arul , that is how we do it at the moment, basically when its sent to the FinePrint program we change the name manually to the quote number requirered, just thinking there would be an auto way of doing it when you run the Procedure, it could change the name from the procedure name to the GetGlobal "QuoteNumber" .    

Written by Handles 09/08/18 at 16:15:51 DataEase 6.x


When you say manually. Is it done by a user?

Written by Jeyarajah Arulrajah 10/08/18 at 00:08:52 DataEase 6.x


I was using FinePrint for one of my client long time ago.

But, nowadays we use either PDFCreator or Bullzip. Most of the time we use Bullzip. It is pretty easy to customize.

Written by Jeyarajah Arulrajah 10/08/18 at 00:27:07 DataEase 6.x