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Started by KEV
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Hi Dataease

In DataEase 6 we used BAT files to auto log into an application.

How do you auto log into an application from a desktop icon in DE8.5

DataEase on C:\ProgramData\DataEase\DataEase 8.5

Application on Z:\PBC_MASTER_2016

Application Name PBC_2018 Working

User Name KEV

Password 123

Many thanks


Written by KEV 16/08/18 at 14:32:52 Dataease [{8}]FIVE


in 8.5 it is very much the same as 6 but we wrote about this on the blog some time ago so copied the entire content below.

8.6 is a "non" version as the next version is 9, but other than that the rest applies.

As part of the work with 8.6 we have brushed up on the Command line options of 8.x. A lot of the changes was actually done in 8.5 and is already available so we choose to publish these changes now.

For instance the switch /1 will open the first application in a path which is very useful if you navigate from inside 8.5 to open other applications. You can of course find the name of an application in a path via DEOS() but how nifty just to be able to open it.

The biggest news of all this is the addition to the document name switch which will allow you to open 8.6 with a full query which interprets as you opening a document in that application wiht a pre-set search value.

The same functionality will also be available internally in 8.6 in the same way.

DocumentOpen("Documentame/?Query") ex. DocumentOpen("Customers/?Name=/'A*/'")

Usage: DataEase [Options} <Path> <Applicatition_name> [<User> <Password> [<Startup_Document>[/Query]]]]]

/?, /h - Show this help.
/d<Name> - Startup document <Name>
/f<Path> - <Path> to application.
/n<Name> - Application <Name>
/u<User> - User <User>
/p<Password> - Password <Password>/w<x,y,w,h> - Intitial mainwindows position and size. Mind no space between numbers and comma.

FROM 8.5 Onwards

/1 - Open first application in path, useful for automatically starting any application in path. From 8.5 you are not allowed to have more than one Application in any given catalogue.

/m0 - Migrate Application to 8.5 (or current version) and DO NOT recompile any scripts
/m, /m1 - Migrate Application to 8.5 (or current version) and recompile all scripts
/m2- Migrate Application to 8.5 (or current version) and DO NOT recompile any scripts but build forms for DFD tables and tables without forms.

/m3 - Migrate Application to 8.5 (or current version), recompile all scripts and build forms for DFD tables or tables without forms.
/c - Create New Application <path><Application_Name> [<User> <Password> <Template>]

FROM 8.6 Onwards

You can now open an application with form and query:

/d - <Name/Query> - Startup Document/Query format as for DG3 and DeServer URL.

Ex. de86developer /1 /u High /p High /d Customers/?CustomerName=\"A*\"

When setting query filter for text fields remember to escape " or it will not be valid. for other fiels you can type the value directly.

You can also write the full command line like this:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\DataEase\DataEase 8.6\de86developer.exe " "D:\Documents\My DataEase\86Test\Data" "GT Service 2013" high high Customers/?CustomerName="A*"

Remember the "horrible" Windows rules for "" around paths.

You MUST have "" when it is space in the path, but you CAN'T have it if it isn't.... Yes. Stupid!

If there is space in application names etc, you will also have spaces around them .

Written by DataEase 16/08/18 at 17:01:45 Dataease [{8}]FIVE