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Using Host computer as a workstation

Started by bob98nd
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Using Host computer as a workstation

I need help with setting up my computers for sharing. Currently I have ALL the computers in share mode. It works, but I can't use the host until the other computers are on the main menu. If the host can be used as a workstation: I have five computers ( K0,K1,K2,surface, dell). The K0 computer is the host. When I set up a workstation on the Host ( K0 ), I get file conflicts. I use drive Z: or C: (Host K0) for my DEShare folder. How should I set up my workstations and the host computer for file sharing and workstation use . Thank you for any help you can provide.

Written by bob98nd 05/09/18 at 16:06:02 LegEasy 4DOS

Re:Using Host computer as a workstation

Dear Mr. Troilo

If you want to configure your network for multiuser you need to do the following.

1. Install LegEasy4DOS on each user.
2. Copy the application to a folder on your “server” K0. Ex; C:\mydataease\myapp
3. Make a subdirectory under the application folder. C:\mydataease\myapp\DESHARE

4. Share C:\mydataease with all users. Share name would be something like \\mydataease
5. Configure your session so the application is accessed through the share and not via the drive. i.e. \\mydataease\myapp
6. Set up DEPATH to point at \\mydateaease\myapp\DESHARE (copy the share files to here from inside L4D) or manually.
7. Log in with YOUR l4D user on each workstation and run PIN to TaskBar or StartMenu on each machine.
8. Test that you have locking by going into a form search up a record and do the same on another computer. Change the record on the first and save, then try to change it on the second. If you get a “Record is already changed…” it works as it should.
9. You can use the host the same way you use a workstation but you still need to access the data via the share and have the same DEPATH (also share).

Written by DataEase 05/09/18 at 16:07:50 LegEasy 4DOS