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Started by Kensington
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Any news on the release date for LEGEASY DII (2018)

Is there a download anywhere to test out.

Pricing etc.

Written by Kensington 09/09/18 at 15:44:12 LegEasy 4DOS


Hi Kensington.

No fixed date is yet set for LDII release and no new pricing strategy has been decided upon.

LDII is currently used on all customers but we are still adding functionality and features to it.

The goal with LDII is to make running LegEasy more lightweight as well as integrating DFD back into the DataEase familly. This means that the main part of the LegEasy development goes into the web/connection side of LegEasyDOS.

We are in no rush to release LDII as L4D is serving the user base favourably and we want LDII to be a game changer rather than a "upgrade" to L4D.

L4D meet all the requirment for running DFD in the old mannor, what LDII will do is to make DFD part of your future IT strategy again as part of a hybrid approach to application development.

Written by DataEase 11/09/18 at 13:11:04 LegEasy 4DOS