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table already exists

Started by Handles
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table already exists

Download: Table already exists.jpg

Dataease 6.53

Build 3158

I had this happen some time ago and I can’t remember how I got around it any suggestion ?

I have been working on a form called “OrderLines” the table to this form is “tOrderLines”

Whilst working on the form, Dataease crashed removing all the data from the table and making both the table and form un-readable,

at the same time the system created a backup table and named it “temp Form 126”, keeping all the data.

My question is I would now like to take back control of the data in “temp form 126” and re-name it back to “tOrderLines”

When trying to do this by way of “temp form 126” (document)(properties) (defines table) when you change the name to “tOrderLines”define new table.

The system in forms me the table already exists. But I have deleted both the Form and the Table.

I have noted if you go in to create a new procedure the table is listed there, but can’t seem to find any were else on the system.

Any help please

Written by Handles 26/11/18 at 12:30:34 LegEasy 6 Windows

Re:table already exists

Hi again.

This one can be a little tricky. The entry in RDRR (repositiory) is still there but there aren't any files linked to it.

Its a bug in the Catalog that you can't delete entries without the corresponding files (it was there for decades).

It checks if the file exist and if it doesn't it just bail without cleaning up the repository.

The way to get around it is to delete the table in a DQL.

delete table "Test" .

It might not work, then the next option is to edit the RDRR directly in HexEdit or similar.

Written by DataEase 26/11/18 at 12:51:19 LegEasy 6 Windows

Re:Re:table already exists

Thanks again, its been so long since I have done any work on this system, its so easy when you know how .

Appreciate the help ..   

Written by Handles 26/11/18 at 14:39:12 LegEasy 6 Windows