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if( Status = "Proforma", lookup "rMaterialsMC" "SellingCost" – DiscountCalc ,

Started by Handles
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if( Status = "Proforma", lookup "rMaterialsMC" "SellingCost" – DiscountCalc ,

Amazing solve one challenge , and find another .

Thanks for your help with this matter last week, by getting what I wanted with the if (“Proforma” If (“Sales Order” do this,

Its thrown up a separate problem that you can’t seem override the if command by just adding your own data entry

So what I am trying to do is as below , at the same time being able to manually override the lookup .

if( Status = "Proforma", lookup "rMaterialsMC" "SellingCost" – DiscountCalc ,

if (Status = "Sales Order", lookup "rMaterialsMC" "SellingCost" , SellingCost ))

If ( status does = “Proforma” or “Sales Order” and the selling cost of that Item in the lookup is 10.00 , I need to be able to

Override the “SellingCost” filed to 5.00 and that is accepted and does not do the lookup , at present if I try to change the selling cost

The “SellingCost” field is Blank

Any suggestion Please

Written by Handles 30/11/18 at 11:14:19 LegEasy 6 Windows