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cost of adding users

Started by peadar Kearney
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cost of adding users


I am interested in developing an App for Data Protection .

I am looking at various RAD tools. I was a former developer in DFW 5 - developing a number of apps..

If I purchase a developers copy of Dataease 8, it will cost me £499  stg.

When I deploy my app to a site where, for example,  there are 10 users, it will cost £2999 stg......Is this correct ?

I stopped using DFW and moved to Alpha 5 because of the cost of deploying DFW to users and there was no facility to deploy an "ExE" to a user - this was all available in Alpha 5.

When you deploy an App in Dataease 8, what are you actually giving to user ? Is it an "Exe" ? or is it the all the files , as in DFW 5 ?

I thought DFW was a great product for developing apps, I would really like to start using it again, however, I have found a RAD product called Radbuilder by Langton that is looking possible.

Any views ?

Written by peadar Kearney 12/02/19 at 20:41:05 Dataease [{8}]FIVE