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Started by David Eardley
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I have an old laptop to get rid of with several Dataease 4.53 databases on which I made 20 odd years ago. I would like to get the info off these databases but can't remember the user names and passwords to open them. Is there any way to bypass the log-in? Thanks in advance

Written by David Eardley 28/03/19 at 17:12:38 DataEase for Windows 5.x and before...


Dear Mr. Eardly.

There is no bypass of log-in in any DataEase version as that would kind of defy the purpose.

However we have tools where we can decode the user files and find your username/password.

This is a paid for service as you will have to send the files to us and we will then decode them and return the username/password to you.

You find the different options under Services in our Shop.

Written by DataEase 01/04/19 at 13:22:17 DataEase for Windows 5.x and before...


I am now retired and it was more idle curiosity than anything that made me ask the question about passwords. The databases were all customer related and wouldn't be used commercially. Certainly not worth £99.00!! Thanks for your time


Dave Eardley

Written by David Eardley 19/04/19 at 17:24:10 DataEase for Windows 5.x and before...


There is actually a simple way to bypass the password in DOS De 5x and prior. Simply create a new database with a login and password, This will be in the USERxxxx.DBM file. Open this file with any text processing program and copy the contents. Then, using a text program, open the USERxxxx.DBM file in the database you want access to, clear the data and paste the information from the new database into the USERxxxx.DBM file.

I do recommend using a copy of the database just to be on the safe side, but this has worked a number of times for old DE 5x and prior files I  have been asked to access where the login and password had long been forgotten..

Written by Steve Arsenault 12/09/19 at 16:10:04 DataEase for Windows 5.x and before...