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Side by Side error

Started by Peter Birney
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Side by Side error

A customer is having problems when launching DataEase 7.2 - It does not load and gives a "Side by Side" error message.

Does anyone have experience of this error and how to fix it?

Written by Peter Birney 08/04/19 at 12:09:41 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Side by Side error

This is MSVC re-distributable problem. Has it worked on this PC before?

Make sure he uses the latest version of 7.2 and if the problem persist try to install it using Administration Mode.

Written by DataEase 09/04/19 at 11:45:39 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Re:Side by Side error

The problem occurred on several (but not all) of the pcs.  The only possible common factor was an upgrade to Outlook/Office on those machines.

Although i had previously mentioned the C++ Redistributables to them, it was not until i specified which release was required that the correct ones were installed and the problem went away.

Written by Peter Birney 16/04/19 at 14:55:35 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Re:Re:Side by Side error

It is funny that its always MS own software that cause these problems.

Most likely the upgrade has removed or replaced the re-distributable as OIffice no longer need it and then caused the problem for all other software.

Written by DataEase 24/04/19 at 10:40:13 DataEase for Windows 7.x