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Copy and paste

Started by Simon Lazarus
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Copy and paste

I upgraded to Legeasy4Dos Version: Release (17).

I cant copy from Dease anymore.  Pressing CTRL +Alt and dragging doesn't work.

I can paste from other programs with CTRL +V

Written by Simon Lazarus 14/08/19 at 11:59:54 LegEasy 4DOS

Re:Copy and paste


We will check but WIN+CTRL click and drag should work too.

Will check further and get back to you.

Written by DataEase 15/08/19 at 14:57:10 LegEasy 4DOS

Re:Re:Copy and paste

Win + Ctrl does work, thanks.

Written by Simon Lazarus 15/08/19 at 17:01:16 LegEasy 4DOS

Re:Re:Re:Copy and paste

Interestingly, I can copy (using Win/Ctrl) when I use DE in a window.  When I attempt to use it in full screen mode, DataEase locks up for about ten seconds.  

Written by Michael Bernstein 22/11/19 at 20:12:07 LegEasy 4DOS