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Dataease - Fatal Exception

Started by Steve Arsenault
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Dataease - Fatal Exception

Using both DE 6.5 and 7.2.

Can anyone explain this exception and maybe recommend a cure:


Instruction Pointer: 0x7E42927B
Stack Pointer: 0x0013FAAC

UI Build: 2090
PRISM Build: 280

Windows Version: Windows XP

This exception occurs when trying to open a table file and DE closes.

Written by Steve Arsenault 09/09/19 at 22:09:22 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Dataease - Fatal Exception

An exception like this is Windows telling you that the software in question has violated memory integrity i.e. a pointer is pointing outside the allowed allocated memory area.

This can be due to programming fault in either the application or the software itself.

DataEase store binary code which means it load forms, styles, and compiled DQLs etc. directly in memory. if the files is corrupt in any way you can get this problem.

If you have the same problem in both 6.5 and 7.2 on the same "place" it is a strong indication that the problem is something you do in the application

Written by DataEase 09/09/19 at 23:19:41 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Re:Dataease - Fatal Exception

Download: dataease.jpg

So is there a cure as I have same issue

Written by Matt Grant 15/10/19 at 09:37:04 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Re:Dataease - Fatal Exception

Download: dataease.jpg

So is there a cure for  this as i have the same issue

Written by Matt Grant 15/10/19 at 09:43:50 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Re:Re:Dataease - Fatal Exception

This can be anything. It is a general message in WIndows that the software has done something illegal.

As DataEase is a programming tool there is always the opportunity to do something illegal but as it is a product there will also be bugs that cause this.

If you know what you do when it happens i.e. it doesn't happen randomly then the best way of getting around it is to program around it.

This means attack the problem in a slightly different way. Most of these things are so-called "corner cases" i.e.they happen when you do something in "unfortunate" in a "unfortunate" place so simply by tweaking it a little you can normally work around it.

The quality of the code in both 6.x and 7.x was a big problem and even though a lot of this was improved in 7.2 we have found a lot more (and fixed) in 8.x and now 9.x.

So the quick fix would be to first check your version of 7.x and download the latest 7.x if you have an earlier version.

If that doesn't help, try to download the final 8.x and see if that helps.

You can get a 30 day trial version here.


Written by DataEase 15/10/19 at 09:51:06 DataEase for Windows 7.x