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Close Document in Windows 10

Started by Rainer
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Close Document in Windows 10

Download: Windows 10.jpg

The "X" in the right edge of Window to close the Window is missing in W 10 with 8.5 runtime.

In the 8.5 developer under W 7 everything is fine.

Written by Rainer 06/10/19 at 16:28:25 DataEase 8.5 Runtime

Re:Close Document in Windows 10


There is a little two many variables here ;-)

What about RT in W7 and Developer in Windows 10?

How do you open this form. Is it a modal?

Written by DataEase 08/10/19 at 12:09:16 DataEase 8.5 Runtime

Re:Re:Close Document in Windows 10

It is the same in W 7. Can I change this, or do I have to make a Button (close document) on every form.

Can I change how to open:

"How do you open this form. Is it a modal?"

Written by Rainer 08/10/19 at 15:24:27 DataEase 8.5 Runtime

Re:Re:Re:Close Document in Windows 10

Hi again Rainer.

This is either a bug somewhere or you do something that remove the buttons.

What you have "acheived" here is something that a lot of users have requested ;-) I.e. to be able to remove the close button from forms so the developer can control the order of closing etc.

Above you can see how it looks out of the box. We tested both Menu document and Form document.

As you can see it has all the accoutrements it should have.

Your example is also missing the document icon as well as the resizing buttons next to the close button.

This looks like you have used our SetCurrent() function to manipulate your window look.*SetCurrent*

This looks like


Anyhow, you should get back the correct look by executing.


Written by DataEase 15/10/19 at 10:29:26 DataEase 8.5 Runtime

Re:Re:Re:Re:Close Document in Windows 10


when I execute the SetCurrent("WindowBorder","Normal") it gets the accoutrements it should have. 

I saw a second difference to my system. Out of the box you have the menu und the toolbar, I do only have the toolbar. Can I activate the menu?

Written by Rainer 17/10/19 at 00:08:19 DataEase 8.5 Runtime

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Close Document in Windows 10

hi I added SetCurrent("Filemenu","ON","Keepline") and it works, but I have to do after every login ( just once).

Written by Rainer 17/10/19 at 13:17:45 DataEase 8.5 Runtime

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Close Document in Windows 10

DataEase 8.5 Player is configured for Play mode so it has slightly different defaults to the Developer.

One of them is that the FileMenu which is very much a developer tool is automatically disabled.

As you have found out you can simply switch it back on with SetCurrent() but you can also force it on by setting ShowFileMenu=1 in RDRRxAAA.INI file (Application Settings file).

Written by DataEase 17/10/19 at 17:15:59 DataEase 8.5 Runtime