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Lost my access to th high security user

Started by Shell Wiley
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Lost my access to th high security user

I am a new DE developer.  I created an application and now am ready to give it to the users.  I created two user records.  The high security record has a name and password (that I will use if modifications are needed to the database).  The other user record has no name or password so that users don't have to worry about remembering how to get into the database.  It has medium 1 security level.

The problem is that now when I open the database, it automatically opens with the medium security level, and I cannot get to the developer.  How can I open the database where it asks me for a name and password?

Written by Shell Wiley 07/10/19 at 00:32:28 DataEase 8.5 Runtime

How to stop DataEase to autostart when username/password is blank.

Security ;-)

DataEase 8.5 opens the application directly if there is a blank/blank username/password combination. This is achieve exactly the effect you want.

There is a couple of ways to work around your problem.

1. Create a Shortcut on your desktop where you open the application with a full command line. i.e Data

2. Update DataEase.ini so it will not login automatically.

This setting is a global DataEase.ini and can be changed by setting AutoLogin=1 

Written by DataEase 07/10/19 at 14:50:07 DataEase 8.5 Runtime