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Windowa must die ... Lite or 10X will be soon

Started by Ihor Zakharchenko
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Windowa must die ... Lite or 10X will be soon

the philosophy of Bill Gates WINDOWS is incompatible (yes!) WITH THE original idea of original DataMaster=DataEase for Gates childhood was with mainframes due to his Mome friendship  with IBM staff. System engineers, system operators, system programmers, applied programmers, and etc. made significant impact on Bill and his Windows philosophy ... DataEase was developed to free peoples from dictatorship of any IT monster ... That is why we will never get the miracle like Arun Gupta DataEase ... never for His idea is not compatible with that nightmare called Microsoft ... it seems to me that DataEase 9 has to be on infinite distance from Windows to become our beloved software as it is DataEase v.1 to 4.53 ... agree ? ready to discuss if not

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 04/11/19 at 12:22:13 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:Windowa must die ... Lite or 10X will be soon

Windows is just an operating system and we can't falsify history. DataEase for Windows was Arun all the way. Not the horrible implementation of DQL but Express was his child. True, he had conceptually moved away from DataEase when he did it. DataEase Professional was his baby and this product ended up first as Enterprise Developer (Symantec) then via via before it ended back up with DataEase (Sapphire) as NetPlus.

DataEase Professional was even more married to Windows than DataEase for Windows so the idea that Arun was not a Windows person is simply not correct. What he in many ways had ended up as was not a DataEase person. He had moved on to make the "best" Windows development platform on top of SQL. Any compatibility with Dataease and implementation was in truth detrimental to both products. 

DataEase Professional should never have been related to DataEase (which is why they split up in many ways) and DataEase for Windows should never have been based on this code.

The problem was that as the code was designed to cover both DataEase for WIndows and DataEase Professional it was to complex and idealistically designed which made it extremely difficult to debug. We are struggling with this till this day and NetPlus was never close to not being a bug-ridden product.

The death of DataEase for DOS has been prophesied on a regular basis since the late 80ies but it is still with us today and I don't think anyone will again even try to predict its demise. The same goes for WIndows. It was supposed to be dead together with the Desktop computer decades ago but what is it we see? Pc sales is on the rebound and all with Windows on them.

We are not living under the illusion that Windows will get its position back, but as a platform for development tool it is the best for "normal" people.

And as things stand at the moment our code base is WIndows based and to move it away from that is not a priority in the short to medium term.

The problem was never Windows but Dataease. There was no technical reason for not implementing DQL or the entire DFD product in Windows if that was the goal. 

The world have moved on and the job is not to re-implement DFD but to make a Dataease that new generation will "love" as much as people living back in the 80s did.

Written by DataEase 04/11/19 at 12:42:49 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:Re:Windowa must die ... Lite or 10X will be soon

1. after posting the topic here I've got 501 error with red PRISM STOPPED text in my browser everywhere ... on Lumia 950 windows phone, iPhone, Android on my Samsung Note #, Macbook pro with Catalina 10.15.1  and laptop with Insider's Win 10 build 19013.vb_release ;)

2. Microsoft has officially "killed" all Windows versions before 10 version and declared the death of win 10 too. their new name for their OS was not defined still. They said maybe Lite OS maybe 10X may be" xyz that knows" (the russian slang expression)

3. the only one feature of DQL for DOS is discussed here and I am using AI abbreviation for that feature. You can choose it by pressing F9 while making query in the DQL editor. this feature enables semantic aid (not syntax only) to user when constructing DQL for DOS. The pressing of space bar in QBE mode and QBE itself are not AI on my personal opinion (I have AI certificate from IBM Canada btw) . AI feature of DQL development has a miserable embrional form, but it is AI nevertheless. P-code made (made via half code, not in C language) microscopic AI feature of DQL is great! 

4 as to any graphic environment=graphic user interface I never seen something like AI feature of DQL for DOS. users have to click on everywhere ... MS Access is the striking example and paradigm of this shitty solution under graphic interface in any "windowed" environment including all forms of X (macOS X, linuX and etc.)

5. yup, history says Gupta had a partner programmer to develop DEDOS ... everybody can see that name in Google search. But Gupta died due to car accident when driving His bicycle ... that was happened in times when DataEase paradigm "What to do but not how to do" was just changed with Bill Gates and MS approach seen in their Acces ="..if you want to do something you have to have professional programmers for that."

9. finally, the discussion is about Windows history not DataEase. plz look the 1st post of the topic. windows is nightmare and Windows 10 Insiders preview rally shows that clearly. My Catalina OS for macBook pro experience shows no problems while Internet is full of messages about Mac equipment crashed after installing Catalina and updating it ;) that is not falsification too. it is my own experience. I am pure Algebraist ... my Teacher who was student and professor at Sorbonna Ecole Normal, Paris before WWII ...and I've got strong algebraic and mathematical logic knowledge from my Teacher. Also I've got the fundamentals of Computers and those are ..Algebra and the theory of finite automat. That is why all software and hardware is good for me and works excellent ;) for I can program it without any OS in machine codes directly )))))))))))))))))))) without any Assemler, linker and etc. Also I can dissassemble manually ))))))))))))

10.Finally, I want the only one thing in DE 9 ..that semantic level aid while developing query it was in DQL for DEDOS ..simply pressing one key ... and nothing more. 

Thx a lot for reading my text  

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 04/11/19 at 15:12:54 DataEase 9 Developer