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Jump to a Record

Started by Thomas Hergenröther
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Jump to a Record


with "F3" i can go forward in the formular record by record. Is ist possible to jump direct to a record? 

For example i have 5000 records in my Formular an with an button i want to jump to record 3550. (without any filter active)

Thanks for help. Best regards Thomas

Written by Thomas Hergenröther 15/01/20 at 18:16:10 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Jump to a Record

Hi Thomas.

This has been a "constant" question since the release of DataEase Express back in the early 90s.

DataEase for DOS and Dataease for Windows access data in different ways. When you search in DFD it will find the first matching record and go to it so the next record on either side will be the one that is stored next to it in the DBM file.

in DFW PRISM will return a dataset containing all the records that match the query and it has no relation to where this is in the file.

The argument is that one should not care where things are stored as this is a property of the database and could be moved around for any given reason.


Dataease is not really like every other database and personally I also have relationship to searching this way. 

It can for instance be that one know that the transaction in question is around new years eve so searching for 31/12/19 will give you a good starting point to look backwards.

Based on your request we have again discussed this in our development group and this time we fell down on the side of the defendant ;-)

We have decided to include a GOTO search in DE9. 

Written by DataEase 17/01/20 at 14:24:33 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Re:Jump to a Record

Very good decicison  ;-)

Written by Thomas Hergenröther 10/02/20 at 17:50:30 Dataease [{8}]FIVE