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Error Message

Started by Colleen Sienkiewicz
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Error Message

Download: Error Message.pdf

I am trying to modify an existing record in DE 8.5 and I'm getting this error message:

Error 903 Saving Current Changes
Record not modified

Anyone know why this is happening and how I can fix it?

Written by Colleen Sienkiewicz 20/01/20 at 21:51:47 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Error Message

Hi. This simply means that the record could not be changed, specifically it means that the row in question was not changed.

It can be a number of reasons for this. 

Is this something that happens all the time, or is it just one record or a couple of records?

Did it just happen spontaneously or has this happened after a change to the form or any of the tables used in sub-forms etc?

Is this a simple form i.e. just a normal form without sub-forms or is it a complex form with sub-forms?

Dataease create an advanced view based on all the tables and relationships displayed in a form. This multi-view is a R/W view so if there is a problem in one of the subforms it might fail even thought he main form (table) is OK.

The problems can be that one of the tables are inconsistent or corrupt (need reorganizing), that you don't have write privileges to a table that is used in the multi-view or there is a constraint etc.

Written by DataEase 21/01/20 at 11:45:37 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Error Message

We did some testing here and you will get this message if there is a problem with your data files or your data disk or server connection.

If Dataease for any reason loose the file handle (timeout etc) it will not recover and you will get this error if you try to save.

Does this happen after a long time of idleness i.e. the application is not being used and then you use it? 

What version of Windows and Server are you running?

Ex Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012R2.

Written by DataEase 21/01/20 at 16:16:30 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Re:Error Message

It was happening throughout the day yesterday to several users.  Changes were being made to the main form only.

Desktops are windows 10

The data resides on a Windows 2016 server

Written by Colleen Sienkiewicz 21/01/20 at 17:00:00 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Re:Re:Error Message

Hi again Coleen.

We need to establish a timeline here. When was the first time this was experienced and what changed around this time?

When did you change to Windows Server 2016 for instance or when did users get Windows 10 etc.

There is a problem with Windows 2012 and Windows 2016 where Microsoft has changed strategy on open (idle) files.

Default setting up to and including 2008R2 is to leave files open "for ever" if not closed by the client or the session terminated.

in 2012 onward MS changed this to automatically close "idle" files after 15 or 20 minutes. So if you open a Dataease app and leave it without interaction, the files are deemed "idle" by the server after approx 20 minutes and the server close them. When you then try to use them the file handle is lost and you get the error message you mention.

Written by DataEase 22/01/20 at 10:45:34 Dataease [{8}]FIVE