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Upgrading from V7.2 to V8

Started by Magdalene McShane
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Upgrading from V7.2 to V8

Hello everyone, please excuse my ignorance but I have been tasked with looking into upgrading our student record system from 7.2 to 8.  It is a very old system, has not been maintained (we are a very small College with very limited budget) for many years and is now having major problems linking fields.  Basically our record system on 7.2 has stopped working on many levels - most of which I have to confess I do not understand as I am not an IT person.  If we were to buy an upgraded version would it be straight forward for us to do this.  Or more crucially, if the database is not working in 7.2 would we face the same problems or even worse in v8 - aka to put it basically crap in, crap out?  Hope someone out there will take pity on me and advise the best way forward.  Again apologies for my ignorance but I am desperate to try to get this sorted but I have a very limited budget and understanding of DataEase.  Thank you if you read this post.

Written by Magdalene McShane 23/01/20 at 14:57:49 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Upgrading from V7.2 to V8

Hi. If you have problems in 7.x those problems will most likely follow you into 8.x. As you Say, Crap in, Crap out. It obviously depend on what problems you have and based on your description its hard to say what the problem is.

You can download a free trial of 8.5 and the beta of DE9 from our download page to have a go, but what I feel you need is someone in the know to help you sort out the problems and put you back on the "straight and narrow".

Maybe some of our many competent and helpful partners will get in contact with you and discuss how they can help.

Written by DataEase 23/01/20 at 17:36:27 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Re:Upgrading from V7.2 to V8

Thank you for your comments and for clarifying what I feared regarding the problems.  Regards.  Dalene

Written by Magdalene McShane 23/01/20 at 18:15:13 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Re:Re:Upgrading from V7.2 to V8

We understand that the data might be sensitive but if you want to send us a copy of your system, we can give you some pointers on what the problem is.

You can upload it here as a hidden upload (only visible to us) or you can send it via drobox or similar to

Written by DataEase 23/01/20 at 20:48:38 DataEase for Windows 7.x