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DE9Beta Crash!

Started by Daniel Kron
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DE9Beta Crash!

Download: DE9crash.jpg

Here we go. DataEase has crashed! After editing a form, the whole form was zoomed out so I could not see anything and it was not possible to zoom in. After restarting DE9 I get this (It is Swedish, saying something like: Script error and that it is not possible to get the style of a reference since it is null or undefined) See picture (does anyone know what I should do, or if there is anything to do at all)?



Written by Daniel Kron 20/02/20 at 15:29:58 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:DE9Beta Crash!

we have organised company to distribute Dataease 7 in 2006. But! Still waiting for something like De 4.53 since those times ...

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 21/02/20 at 08:07:10 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:DE9Beta Crash!

Hi Daniel.

Beta is beta... Finding the bugs is why its out there.

The bug you get is just a HTML bug in the Catalog and should not affect the app. (Annoying yes, but it is not critical for the app).

What happens after you hit Yes?

Written by DataEase 22/02/20 at 18:52:35 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:Re:DE9Beta Crash!

Hi, DataEase ;)


use more suitable technology then ))))) even for programmers 

yup, we had to tune DOS .bat & .sys files, knew what is dename and EMS XMS and even date  & time stamp in an de file ;) also some peculiar files for DE 4.2 &2.5, i.e. Evdat.* ;) 


now in the times of AI and BIG data marketing tricks 

we have to forget about programmers shit.

Google advertised their technology for migrating from mainframes to cloud recently

but this company customer support services is something monstrous still ... checked already in USA Ukraine and Ireland.

that is why DataEase team has a chance to win worldwide ;) 

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 23/02/20 at 10:22:53 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:Re:Re:DE9Beta Crash!

People post on this forum to get help and ideas.

Please refrain from using it for voicing opinions on the state of the world in general and the IT industry in particular.

There is plenty of forums for this, this forum is for people that use Dataease in any form and need ideas and help in solving a problem they have with Dataease.

We don't want to start policing this forum as people must be allowed to write about things that we find uncomfortable i.e. criticism of things we get wrong etc, but it doesn't mean its a free for all to write about things that is not helpful or useful for people posting on here.

So please observe the following rule.

1. Don't use an existing post to voice ideas or views that is not helpful or useful to the original posting. Start a new thread.
2. Don't post on this forum things that are not directly relevant to Dataease users.
3. If you want to tell us what we get wrong or how we should run our business, send us an email rather than post it on here as this is a user forum not a feeback page for Dataease.

Written by DataEase 23/02/20 at 12:49:27 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:Re:Re:Re:DE9Beta Crash!

Download: DE9crash_processing.jpg

Hi again.

I did hit the YES button and it did work, however, a processing symbol (circle saying it is "thinking"/processing something) appeared in the top right corner and did not disappear. I guess that means it did not work properly after the script was still being run and I got the same symbol even if I pressed NO. That combined with the fact that a form was zoomed out without being able to restore it into normal zoom made me uninstal the program and then installed it again. I know of course its just a Beta version and these things may occur. But as I guess you have understood, my worries where about if this would affect my Database if I tried to use it later on. I attach the same image as befor where I have marked the processing symbol (Note that the symbol is dynamic and therefor it does not fully show in the picture)


//Daniel Kron

Written by Daniel Kron 23/02/20 at 14:28:43 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:Re:Re:Re:DE9Beta Crash!

stop funning please.

we've paid more than 6000$ per each copy of DataEase in USSR times and more in times before Sapphire got all rights on the product.

the number of copies was huge.

we stay here in Ukraine with no future of our funds we lost with DataEase crash.

7.2 8.5 and DE9 show no product built on our money we paid to Trumbull located company which officially made Ukrainian versions of DataEase.

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 23/02/20 at 15:34:58 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:DE9Beta Crash!

Hi Ihor

Whilst its agreeable that from DEDOS to DEWIN there were many issues and all of us lost money and business.

But as stated before in this website and forum, DE8 and DE9 are under new management and we should not assign previous owners dis adventures to the new company.

If you use DE8 extensively, you know that it is a great tool, and there is nothing you cant do with it..  I am now exploring DE9 building a new system from scratch.  I can say that so far I am very pleased and I can already see and feel a lot of benefits over v8.

My message is that after many years we have a company who has DataEase at heart and is doing a massive job to bring DataEase to its former glory, so we must let them work.  The results are already there!

Just my opinion as a seasoned DataEase user.



Written by Josef Vella 23/02/20 at 18:28:07 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:DE9Beta Crash!

Hi Josef,

fully agree with You.

Also fully support Ulrik & team on their way to success.

Thank You for Your  attitude.

Simply DQL for DOS has to be implemented ASAP.

Many serious  programmers have laughed on DataEase telling me it costs them a half of an hour to write the system from the scratch ... but nobody did that still. 

That is why we have only  7.2 8.5 9.0 with HTML ;)

I can write in machine codes directly or using engineering console to ACCESS THE MAINFRAME, SUPER MINI, pdp-11, old soviet original devices and modern PC and etc. I feel how DQL for DOS was made ... it is not simple code anyway. I don't want to disassemble it due to my sacred relation to Arun Gupta's soul 

.. may be Sapphire has a listing written by the author of DQL ..I've heard it was not made in C but via half-code.

Thank You again dear  Josef for Your reply.

Sincerely, Ihor

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 23/02/20 at 19:32:49 DataEase 9 Developer