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Selecting records using Alt-F5 SelectRecords()

Started by Paul Cheeseman
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Selecting records using Alt-F5 SelectRecords()

On the DB we are converting back from Ffenics, we use SelectRecords() on a button to emulate the Alt-F5 record selection filter. This works as a toggle, click once, the form clears, enter criteria you are looking for, click again and it displays first record of selection. Works great, on many of our forms.

In DE9, this works fine if you use Alt-F5, but the SelectRecords() button does not. It will return the data if you start with Alt-F5, but nothing happens just using the button as a toggle.

define "X" text .
x:= SelectRecords () .
redraw := 1 .

This is the OML used.

What am I doing wrong here?

Written by Paul Cheeseman 09/03/20 at 13:58:19 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:Selecting records using Alt-F5 SelectRecords()

Hi Paul.

It seems that there is some behavior change when this function is called from OML.

It works fine when you call it as an action on the button, but not when you call it from OML.

We will put it on the fix list.

You can execute a full DQL as an action on a button (and anything else) so you can work around this by using DQL rather than OML.

There is an action directly called Select Record, and you can call the function on execute Function/Derivation

Written by DataEase 09/03/20 at 14:20:40 DataEase 9 Developer