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number of lines with L4D

Started by Roland Neudeck
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number of lines with L4D

In DFD i can set the screen length to 50l (lines). Starting with L4D the screen opens always with the original 25 lines. Is there any way to adapt the number of lines?

Thanks in advance


Written by Roland Neudeck 18/03/20 at 15:16:40 LegEasy DOS

Re:number of lines with L4D

Theoretically it should not be a problem but as this is a feature that very few users ever used and even fewer use today it is not something we have invested time in replicating. We have put it on a list to look at and prioritize for future versions.

Is your system developed for this?  

Written by DataEase 19/03/20 at 14:19:15 LegEasy DOS

Re:Re:number of lines with L4D

Merely all my Input masks have more than 25 lines in the original 5.13 DOS application, so it works. Until now I am using virtual machines under Win10, but with L4D I see the chance to turn back on the PC's

Written by Roland Neudeck 19/03/20 at 14:56:01 LegEasy DOS

Re:Re:Re:number of lines with L4D

We will take a look and get back to you on how this can be achieved.

All the best.

Written by DataEase 23/03/20 at 10:27:55 LegEasy DOS