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Merge To Fillable PDF Form

Started by Simon Lazarus
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Merge To Fillable PDF Form

I'm looking to export a text file from L4D to populate a fillable PDF Form.

This form is then emailed and completed by the client.

My understanding is that the txt file has to be tab delineated, not comma delineated for the PDF form to merge it.

Does anyone know how this can be achieved please?

Written by Simon Lazarus 16/06/20 at 16:03:53 LegEasy DOS

Using Special characters in DFD export/print

This is what DFD do best i.e. create special export formats. (Luckily this is even better in DE9 onwards).

You simply need to create the format for export yourself the way you want it too look and then include the tab between the columns. (see above).

You can include any special character(s) in Hex format by simply encapsulate them with @[].

Make sure you set up the report to write to disk and do not include any printer information and you should be good to go.

Written by DataEase 17/06/20 at 13:45:42 LegEasy DOS

Re:Merge To Fillable PDF Form

Thanks for the prompt reply. Brilliant advice as always!!

Written by Simon Lazarus 17/06/20 at 14:33:55 LegEasy DOS