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Could not find Dataease error box

Started by stewarmuk stewarmuk
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Could not find Dataease error box

Can anyone advise on the following

We have a 5 user licence instance of DataEase 7.2

On one of our PCs the user logs into Dataease and does the following

Select ‘’Balance + Vessel certificates’’

Select ‘’Current single balance certificate’’

Enter 15/11/20   and  Serial. No. 60230

Select ‘’Run’’

An error box then appears that says "Could not find DataEase’’

Any idea what would cause this and if so a solution ?



Written by stewarmuk stewarmuk 18/11/20 at 13:51:15 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Could not find Dataease error box

Hi Bob.

I’m sorry but nothing you are saying there make any sense to us.

You are obviously using a system developed by a third party in DataEase 7.2 and as DataEase is a development tool we are not familiar with what they have done.

If this is just on one machine and the error message is “Could not find DataEase” the only solution we can offer is for you to re-install DataEase on this device as there might be some files that has been corrupted or destroyed.

We hope this helps.

Written by DataEase 26/11/20 at 11:36:23 DataEase for Windows 7.x