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Sort drop down fields

Started by Joshua Rodriguez
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Sort drop down fields

I am using the tool inventory function of the software. I have drop downs where I can select employees from a list, this drop down in not sorted a-z and does not have all the personal listed. Thank you.

Written by Joshua Rodriguez 12/01/21 at 17:07:21 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Sort drop down fields

There is only one way to sort a table based dropdown in DataEase 8.5 or earlier and that is by clustering the table you base the drop down on. This is not a very practicable way of doing it in your case as you based it on a dynamically updated table i.e. employees.

In DE9 and also possibly in the upcomming Legeasey 8 you get Multibox 2.0 where you can sort the list and also make it unique i.e. avoid multiple occurrences of the same choice. This way you can base a dropdown on almost any table as you will get a structured list with unique choices whatever data you base it on.

Ex. You build a dropdown on the Country field on your order form which use a relationship to itself for populating the dropdown. If a country don't exist you simply add it and for the future this choice will be part of the list. 

If you do this in the current version of Multibox you will get them in entered order and you will also get all the matching entries so ex. here in the UK I would get a lot of United Kingdom etries.

Written by DataEase 12/01/21 at 17:08:44 Dataease [{8}]FIVE