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How to get DE 9 prerelease to check and idea about DQL ?

Started by Ihor Zakharchenko
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How to get DE 9 prerelease to check and idea about DQL ?

G'day dear DataEase Team!

Please make it possible to test the latest (not DE 9 33%) DataEase 9 prerelease for testing. It was stated earlier that some testers are working with the newest downloads of the DE 9 platform. Thank you very much.

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 28/01/21 at 10:20:02 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:How to get DE 9 prerelease to check and idea about DQL ?

Hi Ihor.
We understand and appreciate your impatience but the DE9 33% was just meant as a showcase to illustrate where we are headed. The 33% should in many ways be a clear indicator of how far that version was in its development.... ;-)

DataEase is a business and as such we need to do thing in the order that we find will give the best outcome.

We have more than 40 years of history to look back at and during those years we have gotten things right and a lot of the time wrong too.

We have also picked up one or two things on what gives good result and what just create noise and distraction.

DE9 is not just a new version of DataEase it is a change in pace, direction and technology unprecedent in DataEase before.

It is not a product developed based on bug fixing or customer feedback on current limitations and problems - that is Legeasy 8 but a version to recruit new and old users to develop new applications in Dataease.

Our experience tell us that if we release a new version of DataEase "to early" no matter if we tell people not to use it in production they will and it creates an enormous support pressure on us when things do not work as it used to or not at all.

So as much as we want to show all of you where we are and how great DE9 is already it is not a ready product and we will not release another beta until we feel its "all there".

DE9 is "to be or not to be" for the future of Dataease so we can't just rush it we need to get it right.

Written by DataEase 28/01/21 at 11:16:58 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:Re:How to get DE 9 prerelease to check and idea about DQL ?

Thank You so much for Your reply, Dear DataEase.

As a pure algebraist from mechanics&maths department of Kyiv national uni I've got my MS diploma via investigating minimized finite automata induced given automata morphism. My Teacher Leo Kaloujnine graduated from Sorbonna and worked there as a lecturer at École normale supérieure. Norbert Wiener met with Kaloujnine in June, 1960 where my Teacher participated in establishing famous Institute of Cybernetics ... I have got my IT experience morethan 40 years ago with my first software application =program in the scope of group and numbers theory made using ALGOL 60 programming language compiled on M220 mainframe the clone of IBM mainframe ...

to be short I need an fresh DE 9 installati9on file to check my idea which will be useful for DataEase team. and I still don't know what is that secret "Legeasy 8" ...

on the pic attached are abacus, my teacher in his uni appartment with father of Cybernetics, June, 22, 1960 ...Kyiv, Ukraine. 

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 28/01/21 at 13:25:28 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:Re:Re:How to get DE 9 prerelease to check and idea about DQL ?

[quote]The 33% should in many ways be a clear indicator of how far that version was in its development.... ;-) [/quote]

yup. I've downloaded once more that 33% ... being very polite ..a piece of something ..tried to develop and DQL ...

that was so beautiful relaxation fitness with something even Microsoft did not supposed in their "novell" and so called software tools.

it is very sad very sad. 

DQL from Gupta makes my soul and heart singing cosmic music inside me.

sorry ..but it is the TRUTH

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 28/01/21 at 14:55:40 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:Re:Re:Re:How to get DE 9 prerelease to check and idea about DQL ?

Dear Ihor.

You are obviously frustrated and wish things to be differently . To be honest this has been clear for quite some time so no need to repeat yourself.

As a customer/consumer it is your prerogative to use any product you want and it does not have to be DataEase.

It is doing nobody any good that you constantly keep repeating the same all mantra about Arun Gupta and DQL.

DFD is still out there and anyone that prefer it to any other of our products can use it or any other product they feel works best for them.

The 33% should as stated before be a clue to that a lot is missing from that version that will be part of the final product. 

You can either trust us and think that we have seen the same as you and will fix it, or - if not - be disappointed again that we haven't. 

Anyhow, there is nothing more you can do to force us to see things your way or make the product you see with your inner eye. 

And comments like "being very polite ..a piece of something" is exactly why we don't want to release anything before we are happy that it will not get comments like that.

As we have yet to delete any of our posts on here we have proven that we have a high tolerance on what we accept and that we don't want to edit this forum but as it is a TECHNICAL forum where people can help each other I have to state that your posts are in majority not technical or helpful.

You are more than welcome to keep posting but please limit yourself to posting technical advice and when posting do not post as a comment to another posting things that are not relevant to that posting.

Written by DataEase 28/01/21 at 15:43:40 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:How to get DE 9 prerelease to check and idea about DQL ?

Dear Sirs, there are no problems at all. What is "Legeasy 8" is  the only question being unanswered. I am the only who is staying with You amongst the crowd of peoples who were making money and other preciouss things using old good dataease for dos on our territory including the vast lands up to Japan. Tamara Korinkovskay  has made technical gift to me and went to Oracle Ukraine then ...

It is true I got an idea to check it with DE 9... but it came clear today that is impossible ... just after downloading 33% diamond set of tools. We need platinum. Will wait. But the hope is still with me get link for testing DE 9 behind those 33% of limited edition. For others got that chance ..why not me ?

Thank You for that link. just use fb or linkedin for getting my email. :)

and..nothing personal only business (c) a ...l ihor zakharchenko

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Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 28/01/21 at 17:30:10 DataEase 9 Developer