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Window Size legeasy

Started by Roland Neudeck
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Window Size legeasy

Dear Sirs,
I am planning to use legeasy for my DFD5.15 application.
I need a 50 line screen, my trial test version admits only 25 lines.
Can I change this?

Best regards Roland 

Written by Roland Neudeck 11/03/21 at 12:38:34 LegEasy DOS

Re:Window Size legeasy

Dear Roland, but of course ;-)

DataEase for DOS has many mysterious ways and one of them is the order of files read and how to magically get what you want.

The solution to your problem involves two things.

1. Adding an Advanced Setting to your L4D profiles Config.sys

And then copy this ZTERMDEF.DBZ file into your application catalogue.

You will need to unzip it first of course.

DataEase read files in the order, App path, SharedPath,DataEase Path. So you can also put it together with your share files but the safest is simply to drop it in with your application files and problem solved. This way the setting will only affect this application and not all your DFD apps.

Written by DataEase 11/03/21 at 12:40:33 LegEasy DOS