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Export Tables To CSV

Started by Brian Johnson
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Export Tables To CSV

I have retrieved a Dataease 453 database from the 90's and would like to export the tables to CSV. Cannot see this option anywhere, is there a way via the menus or in a DQL? 

Written by Brian Johnson 21/04/21 at 22:37:52 LegEasy DOS

Re:Export Tables To CSV

In DFD you can format the output as you please.

You will on the LayoutOption on a QuickReport or a DQL have the option of setting export and choose field and row separators.

Written by DataEase 22/04/21 at 20:53:25 LegEasy DOS

Re:Re:Export Tables To CSV

Thanks thats great. Must modify the extension of the resultant file to .csv.

Written by Brian Johnson 23/04/21 at 13:03:41 LegEasy DOS