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Lookup Table List A to Z Order

Started by Steve_C
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Lookup Table List A to Z Order

I have created a form which looks up clients in a related table, this works fine except it would be nice if the table list was in A to Z order, this would enable the data entry user to easily pick off the correct option.  Is this possible?

Written by Steve_C 03/07/21 at 21:24:08 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Lookup Table List A to Z Order

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Hi Steve.
The good news is that you can do this if you look up with a filter but the bad news is that it won't work if the filter is just  * (someone obviously thought it a good idea to just load all the data when you do this without thinking of the feature you are looking for.

I've attached a simple application for you to look at so you see the necessary steps to achieve this.

There is also something called Performance or clustered index. This means that the table is sorted according to the index when reorganized. This is a good way of making alphabetised lists if the data is not to dynamic (so maybe not too good when its customers etc.)

I have included how to do this in the sample too. Just remember to choose cancel when you close SomeLookup as it will otherwise close the app ;-)

Written by DataEase 16/07/21 at 13:51:58 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Re:Lookup Table List A to Z Order

In DE9 this will be a breeze. One of the many new features will be the updated Multibox which now features both Unique values (no doubles in list) Sorting and caching. You can also limit the number of returns you get in any list.

hen you use the Multibox we have also added searching in the following way.
1 and 2 character it will search from the beginning of the word.

3 and more characters typeahead it will search in the entire text and return all the choices that match.

Written by DataEase 16/07/21 at 15:20:54 Dataease [{8}]FIVE