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L4D Landscape Printing greater than 160 Characters wide

Started by Kenny Moriarty
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L4D Landscape Printing greater than 160 Characters wide

Playing around with L4D Trial, and able to print to my little HP laser printer in Landscape mode, BUT... one of the reports I'm running is 191 characters wide. My report is cutting off at 160 characters!

In DFD, I had a new Printer Definition record called 'HP Gothic Land' which set a really small font point size, and flipped the page to Landscape.

Any ideas would be welcome!? Thanks.

Written by Kenny Moriarty 24/08/21 at 16:28:22 LegEasy DOS

Re:L4D Landscape Printing greater than 160 Characters wide

Hi Kenny.

L4D will emulate the print out (it really makes a PDF and then print that PDF) to make it work with all kinds of printers in WIndows mode.

You can however use HP (or any printer really) in RAW mode. This means that we don't control the printout but you send it directly to the printer as binary code (like the good old days). This can cause a lot of problems if you don't know what you do but of course will control the printer beautifully if you do.

It is important that you configure the correct printer in DFD. Remember that it is the Workstation Configuration that is used for each user so this need to be set correctly for each DataEase user. (you can delete all System Configuration in a DQL and they will be copied for application settings if you have many users). 

If you have your old PRINTERS.DAT you can copy it to the application catalogue or the catalogue where you have your shared files and you will still have your old printers definitions.

Written by DataEase 26/08/21 at 10:39:11 LegEasy DOS