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Odd error message

Started by Bonnie Clarke
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Odd error message

Hello helpers.  We are getting an error message, which prevents our accessing and running reports on an important part of our database.  The message is AGRERAAH.DBA not found.  How do I fix this?

Background.  We do have several AGRERAAH files, all relating to a table we use often, part of a group of tables that are linked through relationships into a single form for data entry.  AGRERAAH files are for AgreeParties2, related to Agree2 which has DOS names starting with AGRERAAG.  On Wednesday I was making some changes to a long choice list which is part of the Agree2 table.  When I went to reorg the table, I got the message "Table file Agreraah.dba not found".  Subsequently that same message comes up whenever we try to use Agree2 and related tables.  I seem to have gotten us to a place where an outdated error message pops up.

My question is - how in the world can I fix this?  I sure hope there is a way because otherwise we have a risk of losing a lot of important information.  If I can (have not tested, too apprehensive) copy Agreraah.tbl and rename it agreraah.dba would that just make more trouble?  I have  no good ideas.

If I remember correctly, table definitions formerly ended with .dba.  I do not see any dba files in our system now.  Fixing this seems well beyond my ability, at the moment.

Bonnie Clarke

Denver, Colorado

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