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Please help

Started by Ihor Zakharchenko
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Please help

we need technical aid due to the cyber attacks. new software tool will help a much here. English is a must. no comments. we ask the DataEase team to release DE 9 ASAP. Plz consider the tool as Javelines in the case/ thank You for the understanding. God Save the queen!

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 24/02/22 at 06:29:52 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:Please help

Hi All! Ukrainian business has a lot of russian originated software that transfers important ukrainian data to russian side. we are asking the DataEase team to sell us DE9 due to it specific feature. It is unknown for aggressor due to its NOVELTY. Please help Ukraine with the software as Great Britain makes that with weapons to stop the aggressor. Please do that ASAP. THANK YOU!

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 28/02/22 at 08:35:42 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:Please help

Hi Ihor!

I hope you are well. Please contact me on my direct email and I will see what we can do. We support you 200% and think this unprovoked attack on the Free Democratic Republic of Ukraine by a mad man is atrocious. DE9 is not yet ready but we will make available what you think you need and help you. We will also offer a free license on any DataEase version to any Ukrainian or anyone helping the Ukrainian cause for 12 months or until this crisis is resolved + 6 months, whichever is longer.

You are strong and you are brave, you will overcome this and come stronger back. If you kick the Russians back over the border you will be granted EU membership and Nato membership and the west will help rebuild a proud and free Ukraine.

I've been in Ukraine several times both in Kharkiv and Kyiv and it hurts to see what the crazy man is doing to these places, but I'm very proud to see how you respond and fight back. You are 44 million people that will not give up, and they are one crazy man and an unmotivated and overrated army. 

Written by DataEase 01/03/22 at 11:59:29 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:Re:Please help

Hi All! Thank You for Your support to Ukraine and Your great proposals. I've sent email directly to Ulrik, using the contact info from His Linkedin profile.

DataEase is the best tool to overcome Ukrainian business info leaks caused by long-term usage of aggressor software everywhere in Ukraine.

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 02/03/22 at 17:42:07 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:Re:Re:Please help

Ukrainian owner of food supermarket in Chernigiv, now refugee in Valencia, Spain have started the trial of DE8.5 yesterday. He is Red Cross volunteer and is responsible for the aid to Ukrainians escaping to Spain from the war in Ukraine. He aimed to  develop an application on DE 8.5 but have no manual to do that ... please help.

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 04/03/22 at 04:55:27 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:Re:Re:Re:Please help

Let us know what the requirement is and we can knock it together for him to start off with.

Written by DataEase 04/03/22 at 10:50:00 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Please help

Hi, dear friends. I have got the solution from Ulrik directly and that is great. Thank You all very much for Your sincere support to Ukraine. 

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 05/03/22 at 03:42:25 DataEase 9 Developer