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Field Name as Procedure Name

Started by Handles
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Field Name as Procedure Name

I have seen this covered in DE8 I believe, and I’m sure digging deeper on the Forum I would find that it’s not possible in DE6.53

I do a lot of printing via procedures, sending my printing to something called PDF Factory Pro, it’s a great program for PDF’s and emailing. Unfortunately they have changed the way it picks up file names - naming the document.

Is it possible to use a procedure to print, but replace the “FileName” that gets sent with the procedure.

At present the name of the procedure is say “PurchaseOrderPrint” and that is what the PDF Factory Pro picks up, so I believe what I’m asking, is there a way of making the procedure pick up a GetGlobal and replacing “PuchaseOrederPrint” with the GetGlobal “OrderNumber” or a field name of some sort ?  

Written by Handles 15/03/22 at 20:29:20 LegEasy 6 Windows

Re:Field Name as Procedure Name

obviously the Wizz CDF people solved a lot of stuff for people in DE6 that really should have been fixed by "us". 
This has been corrected gradually throughout DE8 and now DE9.

There is obviously a way to achieve this in DE6, as the way we solved it in DE8 etc. was based on wringing brains but the way we DID solve it was with functions that was in DE8 (and not DE6). I must admit that I feel working with DE6 is like typing with mitts on compared to 8.5 and now DE9 (for us lucky enough to already having it).

Most PDF tools have an INI file or an registry setting you can use for changing the default print name via their tool. 


So one way of doing it in DE6 is to overwrite the current INI file before generating the output. However file/export functions in DE6 is very poor (the way we did it in DE8 was to simply replace the file name in a memo (tag) with the actual one and just write the entire Memo over the INI file.
Later we also got functions for setting registry settings which is how we do it in DE9.


PRISM: SetCurrent("cutepdffilename",filename) added. This set the registry values needed for pdf printer to automatically output to the given filename next time a print to the pdf printer is done. 

So all the things you are enquiring will be in DE9 but I'm sure you will find a way to get this sorted in DE6 too based on the information above and a look in your CDF library.

Written by DataEase 16/03/22 at 11:08:38 LegEasy 6 Windows

Re:Re:Field Name as Procedure Name

Thanks again I will have a go, do you think that your diagrammed option will be in "The next in line is in fact LE8 which is a modern version of DataEase 8 that is to be released together with DE9" ?

Written by Handles 16/03/22 at 13:55:55 LegEasy 6 Windows