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Sending a report to different printers

Started by Mohammad AL
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Sending a report to different printers

Hi there, I am using Dataease version 6.57. I have a question: how can I send a report to different printers simultaneously?

Written by Mohammad AL 29/08/22 at 11:42:57 DataEase 6.x

Re:Sending a report to different printers

In DE6 this is tricky. If my memory don't fail me, there was some CDF's you could use to do this but I'm not sure if they are still available - maybe someone on her can help you.

However in DE8 the first thing we introduced was Workstation printers as you did in DFD.

SetCurrent("@DefaultPrinter") -- Will set the Windows Default Printer.

SetCurrent("@Printer3","Hp LaserJet 4700") -- Will set The workstation printer 3 to HP LaserJet 4700

So then you can either use the default printer and set it to the printer you want before executing the report or use a Workstation printer and change that before you print the report.

in LE9/DE9 you can use OpenDocument and designate the output directly.

9.0 Onwards DocumentOpen with extra parameters added. At the moment it supports: DocumentOpen("DocName","window"), DocumentOpen("DocName","nooutput") (only without list records when using data-entry in this commit), DocumentOpen("DocName","export","filename") (only without data-entry in this commit), DocumentOpen("DocName","printer","printer 1..4 or the actual name or nothing for default printer") and DocumentOpen("DocName","pdf","filename").

DocumentOpen(name,"PDF", file). DocumentOpen(name, "preview") added. DocumentOpen(name, "printer", printername) now printer name can be "Application printer 1-4" or the name of the printer. Blank is default printer.

DE: added DocumentOpen("DQLName", "EMail", "pdfname.pdf", "EmailTo", "Subject" , "Body") will generate a pdf from the dql en send it using the emailsettings in ini file.

You can download a trial version of LE9 to have a look.

Written by DataEase 30/08/22 at 11:10:46 DataEase 6.x