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How to use choice list with more than on active radiobox

Started by Per Bruvold
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How to use choice list with more than on active radiobox

I want to use choice list as radioboxes where I can mark several boxes as active. Is that possible? If yes, how do I make that?

Written by Per Bruvold 21/10/22 at 08:05:04 LegEasy 8 Developer

Re:How to use choice list with more than on active radiobox

There is ways to "emulate" it but not with Radio Buttons. They can only have one value and you can't use them for toggle.

You can't store more than one value in any field if you don't code and decode them yourself. One way to acheive this could be via a suform but you would have to populate the subform with your choices etc.

The best way to do this is simply to make several Checkboxes and put them under each other.

Written by DataEase 26/10/22 at 18:16:39 LegEasy 8 Developer

Re:Re:How to use choice list with more than on active radiobox


Written by Per Bruvold 01/11/22 at 07:44:34 LegEasy 8 Developer

Re:Re:Re:How to use choice list with more than on active radiobox

You are welcome. 

These request helps us both develop the product and solve issues for everyone by making samples, so thank you!

What you are bringing up here stir something in our development mind. Everything is possible if one is creative but some things should be easy to.

We have been discussing if the way things are in DFW is necessarily the best way and the answer is very often - NO!

Then the quest become - what is the best way. 

In DE8 we did a lot of stuff to make the product more powerful with new functions and functionality to help programmers (more than user developers) develop better applications. 

In DE9 we want to do more for the traditional "user developer" with short cuts to powerful functionality rather than having to always go down the programming/designing route.

Your request helped focus our brains a little on that.

We have been discussing that we should make subform widgets (and other widgets) that would allow you to use configurable and more rigid objects for subforms rather than having to move things around and align etc.

Basically like a little configurable spreadsheet where you opt what to sum, order columns etc.

But obviously it doesn't have to stop there.

We can simply make your dropdown based on the subform too and add the functionality to. Base it on the Lookup field and save the results in an automatically generated table.

I'm quite excited about the idea... ;-)

We have done something similar with the WebEditor field (HTMLEdit). it is basically a control based on an HTML wrapper that read and save the data to a Memo field.

It was made to make a rich text editor for DE8.

We have since updated it so you can in fact make your own "controls" based on it. We have also made a couple of useful wrappers included in DE9 like the CodeMirror one. (above).

We have also made a signature field where you can write your signature with a pen and we store it as a SVG in a memo and you can then reuse it directly in a web field.

So let the ideas flow, we will listen.

Written by DataEase 01/11/22 at 08:56:15 LegEasy 8 Developer

Re:Re:Re:Re:How to use choice list with more than on active radiobox

Mates! Thanks sincerely. what about field type ... sorry, but it is as old proposition as the same about DQL to be fully made as it was in dfd ... not in windows style but exactly so as in dfd. so the field type ... it is not polie but let it be IMAGE! please made that in new de9 ... please

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 03/11/22 at 09:36:49 LegEasy 8 Developer

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:How to use choice list with more than on active radiobox

yup there is image or web control  option in field definition nonimplicit ... while the field is not image.

to be short ... after all tests ... new DataEase means the same de for dos sql 4.53 but in windows environment without any tricks like dosbox or legacy ...

it is pity and I am sorry but old good muscle car with V8 engine forever! not any ev

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 11/11/22 at 07:17:22 LegEasy 8 Developer