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Icons Enlarged Query

Started by Steve_C
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Icons Enlarged Query

Is it possible to enlarge the standard icons in DE9/LE9

Written by Steve_C 16/11/22 at 11:33:21 Dataease 9 Developer

Re:Icons Enlarged Query

The standard icons can't be enlarged in LE9.

The point of LE9 is to make it as close to previous versions as possible for backwards compatibility and recognition.

However the core of LE9 is the same as DE9 which has all modern toolbars/filemenus etc which is created in HTML.

You can make your own toolbars/filemenus etc in LE9 too but in DE9 they will come as standard and they will be configurable etc.

Its for instance easy for us to make alternate sizes for toolbars etc.
The one above is 32px tall but it could easily be 64px or 128px etc. The icons for each item then is sized accordingly but as you see above they have grown in size already from LE9 to DE9

in the HTML toolbars in DE9 there is a check in the app for a file called MyToolbar.html which will hold the customized Runtime toolbar icons like this.

<div id="tb0001" title="Go to Design View" onclick='jsAction(TEST_DESIGN);'><i aria-hidden="true" ></i></div>

<div id="tb0002" title="Save current record(s)" onclick='jsAction(SAVERECORD)'><i></i></div>

as you see what you do in DE9 is to call the action directly from the HTML via jsAction.

So you can make your own toolbars/file menus etc. as you will in fact have access to all functions/actions etc that we do via this API.

Written by DataEase 16/11/22 at 20:01:33 Dataease 9 Developer