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DE8.5 to DE9?

Started by Sam Bird
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DE8.5 to DE9?

Is the upgrade from DE8.5 to DE9 a 100% simple process or is there functional changes that may require application changes.

Is any current 8.5 functionality deprecated in DE9?

Written by Sam Bird 19/01/23 at 08:58:53

Re:DE8.5 to DE9?

As DataEase is now one of the oldest software products being in continued publishing  with its more than 40 years, there is a certain challenges that we have that most other software companies don't have.

It is kind of obvious that if Dataease is to survive long term we need to focus more on the current and the future.

After 8.5 we decided that we would spend some time and a lot of resources on figuring out what this means and how we can do this without leaving our current users in a lurch.

DataEase 9 has been delayed by a world pandemic and other challenges but we are still not in a rush as we need to get things right, rather than fast.

In DataEase 9 the future and the past kind of part ways when still co-existing. 

LegEasy 9 has been available on request for over 6 months and is very popular with the intended user group which is Legacy DataEase users with Legacy Applications.

We realised during the development of DE9 that if DataEase was to be a current product it could not constantly hanker to the past so we decided that we would now firmly split the product into two.

LegEasy 9 for the people with Legacy needs/applications that want to move forward while at the same time not do re-writes/conversions or fresh development.

DataEase 9 for people that want to develop fresh applications or spend time rewriting their application to fit the future.

To make it easy both LE9 and DE9 will be compatible when released but then part ways from 9.5 onwards.

So the short answer to your question is that LE9 is designed with your needs in mind but that does not mean it will be 100% fit as all progress will inevitably also change something. 

Written by DataEase 19/01/23 at 12:16:56 DataEase 9 Developer

Re:Re:DE8.5 to DE9?

GREAT! thx for Your reply dear DataEase Team!

Also please pay more attention to database security. that is why we need new DE9 in Ukraine fully unknown to aggressor. their popular in Ukraine  economic product called 1c is a spy software in fact.

Written by Ihor Zakharchenko 19/01/23 at 17:07:29 DataEase 9 Developer