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Started by Jeremy Clifford
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Hi.. I have just installed the trial of LegEasy4DOS for a customer using DataEase 4.53.  They have a dot matrix printer an Epson DLQ-2190 that is connected to the network as it has an ethernet port.  On their old Windows 7 PC's they had this on, we simply used the Net Use LPT.... command to a printer share and this worked, however we are now using Windows 10.The printer does a test page from Windows no problem, but when you set up LegEasy to assig an LPT port to the driver, it doesn't print, instead it prints on a laser.  the laser is assigned to LTP1, the DMP to LPT2.  Has anyone come across this issue, its a bit of a problem for them if I can't get this working.

Written by Jeremy Clifford 08/02/23 at 16:25:13 LegEasy DOS


LegEasy4DOS print directly to WIndows printers and not to LPT1/2/3. You map them in the admin tool.

I know this is a little confusing but:

In the Admin Tool you map the DOS LPT1 - 4 and COM1-4 to WIndows Printers. Then when you print to LPT1 in DataEase it will be ported to the correct WINDOWS printer. if ex. you DOT matrix is connected via a network it doesn't matter as long as you can print to it via Windows.

So in DataEase you simply connect ex LPT1 to Epson DLQ-2190 and then you use LPT1 in DataEase for DOS and it will be printed.

LegEasy4DOS emulate Epson MX or HP LaserJet (PCL5) native and print it as PDF (GHostscript) to any device so in DFD you should only use either Epson MX or HP LaserJet. Make sure this is set correctly in both Application Configuration and Workstation Configuration.

But if you want to use special characters (ESC sequences) you can configure the Printer Driver in L4D in RAW mode. This means that you still tunnel it through windows the same way but you send the characters directly to the printer without any interpretation. 

This way you control the printer in the good old days.

If you need further advice just respond to this post and we will guide you further.

Written by DataEase 08/02/23 at 19:10:10 LegEasy DOS


thanks, that worked, we are now printing, however the print is missing the top half and very feint, I suspect this is because the LQ-2019 doesn't like the MX-100 driver, to compensate I added all the same ESC sequences to the driver but still having print issues.

Can you think of anything else that might help?


Written by Jeremy Clifford 10/02/23 at 08:27:09 LegEasy DOS