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Importing Date Data

Started by steve Turnbull
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Importing Date Data

Hi, have been using Datease for over 30 odd years, originally DOS then windows. I had been using LegEasy 6.53 and thought id treat myself to an update, unfortunately only Dataease 8.5 is available so I have purchased this. I am in the process of rewriting my whole database (for fun mainly) and i am importing all previous data into it from my previous database. All is going ok apart from for some reason I am unable to import any dates data. Everything imports perfectly apart from any dates. I have made sure that the fields are identical but still no joy, where am I going wrong !!

Written by steve Turnbull 07/04/23 at 16:18:12 DataEase 8.5 Runtime

Re:Importing Date Data

Are you trying to import directly from the DBM files? 

If so the format has changed from 6 to 7 (and 8) so DBM import might not get the date format correctly (there was a lot of mess with changing over from how to decide the format from configure.dat to WIndows setting and how to store it in DBM).

The best way might be to export the data to a CSV and import the CSV instead.

Written by DataEase 12/04/23 at 11:28:14 DataEase 8.5 Runtime

Re:Re:Importing Date Data

Sorted, It was my own fault, I did read on the help menu regarding date fields being the same. I made sure that they were but forgot to check the computer date which was the extended version. Changed both databases to match and imported perfect. Thank you for yur quick reply, much appreciated :-)

Written by steve Turnbull 13/04/23 at 14:19:38 DataEase 8.5 Runtime