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Corrupt index DataEase 4.5.3

Started by Nils R
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Corrupt index DataEase 4.5.3

I have a situation where I cannot open the form and data because the index is inconsistent. I get three options, including "Try again", but DataEase just quit.

Anybody know of any tool to repair the table/index, or any workaround within DataEase?

Thank you in advance for any advice on this matter.

Written by Nils R 28/04/23 at 15:35:12

Re:Corrupt index DataEase 4.5.3

DataEase 4.53 has a built-in tool to reorganize. You will need to login with ADMIN userid and password.
Then from the DataEase Main Menu >> Select #1 , #5 for Reorganize a Form
Then select the form name and press ENTER

Written by Jeyarajah Arulrajah 28/04/23 at 18:17:59

Re:Re:Corrupt index DataEase 4.5.3

Thank you for your prompt reply. I will try it and post the result here.

Written by Nils R 28/04/23 at 18:47:24

Re:Re:Corrupt index DataEase 4.5.3

Download: De453_error.png

When I try to reorganize, I get three options:

1. Quit DataEase - Close all files
2. Cancel DataEase - Without closing all files
3. Try again

If I select "Try again" DataEase just quits. The error is: DataEase Internal Error at 3ef:685 SWD: 13/05/94

Suggestions anyone?

Written by Nils R 28/04/23 at 21:03:23

Re:Re:Re:Corrupt index DataEase 4.5.3

The problem is most likely that the data is corrupt.

If you can access the form in Design Time you could prove to remove the indexes on the form, save and then add them back.
if that doesn't work you can try to do a backup of the application and then restore it into a new application.

If neither of these things work restoring from backup might be your best option. 

If the data is critical we have a service where we can try to recover the data from your applicaiton.

Written by DataEase 29/04/23 at 10:40:58 LegEasy 4DOS