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Trouble with Menus

Started by David Meaders
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Trouble with Menus

We are running DataEase 8.5 and after our last Windows update we started experiencing issues with our Menus. Specifically, when we click on any of our menus to open them, we get the spinning blue Windows circle for at least 6 or 7 minutes before the menu will open. Sometimes, the application freezes and must be force closed by the Task Manager. Our procedures and data entry forms are behaving normally. Also of note, on Friday, one of our users who had restarted her computer earlier that morning was having this issue, but I wasn’t. I hadn’t restarted my computer in a couple of days, but as soon as I did (because of an update to another application), I started having the same issue with the menus. We made an antivirus exception for DataEase and we rebooted the server, to no avail. Can anyone think of anything that may be causing this? Any help would be appreciated.

Written by David Meaders 10/10/23 at 19:30:39 DataEase 8.5 Runtime

Re:Trouble with Menus


Have to tried re installing dataease.

i had one instance, when one computer loaded dataease splash screen but not the application.  Uninstalling and reinstalling solved the problem.  This occured after the windows updates, and on 1 pc only.



Written by Josef Vella 11/10/23 at 17:16:33 DataEase 8.5 Runtime