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DQL no output

Started by Rainer
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DQL no output

I have a DQL with list records in it and do not want an output.

I did it like this, but still get the output in Window and have to page down to the end.

Written by Rainer 17/12/23 at 09:56:29 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:DQL no output

Hello Rainer.

This challenge was the start of ExecDQL to be honest.

In DFW the List Records is integrated into the GUI so what happens is that all the rows are buffered and then sorted by the GUI so avoiding the GUI is not easy while you use a List Records.

The solution in DFW is either to write to a printer that is connected to a null: device or using ExecDQL.

In DE9/LE9 this is solved by us basically switching to using ExecDQL to run the DQL while you choose No Output or Export.

There is big differences in printing from DE8 to DE9.

This was obviously an area that needed addressing so we have done quite an extstenisve re-write of Printing in DE9/LE9.

1. You can print directly to PDF and Preview as PDF.
2. You can print with NO Output.
3. You can export directly from a DQL like in DFD.
4. You can do Size horizontal to fit page. This way the print will fit on one page horizontally instead of printing on several pages side wise.
5. You can instead of doing fit to page just chose to ignore horizontal overflow (this is for reports that is made to fit a page but another printer has slightly bigger margins and you simply want to skip the blank pages you tend to get.
6. Expand and Fixed layout now works its been a mess and more or less exactly the same since Express with a mixture of fixed and expand. 
The way it is supposed to work is:
Fixed. It print the form as it looks on the screen and truncate any field overflow.
Expand. It expands all fields vertically to include all content. 
7. Image printing has increased quality.
8. WebFields now print in the first place and secondly they print to the correct size in line with Fixed/Expand.

Written by DataEase 18/12/23 at 10:23:55 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Re:DQL no output

So the solution in DFW 8.5 is to write to a printer that is connected to a null. But the "no output" option was introduced in DFW 8.5.  without a funktion?

Thank you for a short answer.

Written by Rainer 18/12/23 at 14:08:37 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Re:Re:DQL no output

If you want it to work "as is" the best way is to print to a null device.

The best way of solving this in 8.5 is to run it as an ExecDQL which is both faster and give no output whatsoever if you don't want it to.

Written by DataEase 18/12/23 at 16:00:23 Dataease [{8}]FIVE